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Concrete Work

Concrete work is the primary service offered by Kort’s Construction Services, Inc. We possess the ability to self-perform all concrete work with our in-house concrete crews. Our equipment fleet and manpower allow us to competitively price different aspects of concrete work. We offer all services needed for the removal and replacement of existing concrete or for the construction of new concrete. We provide concrete services for all aspects of a project including, but not limited to: street paving, drives, sidewalks, handicap ramps, curb and gutter, retaining walls, parking lots, and walking trails.

Asphalt Services

Whether paving a highway, a parking lot or patching a problem area Kort’s Construction Services can provide for all your asphalt paving needs.

Earthwork & Excavation

Earthwork can consist of excavation, soil stabilization, levees or massive earth moving operations. Whether it is a building pad or constructing an airport runway, Kort’s Construction Services has the personnel and equipment necessary to build your project from the ground up.

Drainage Work

Kort’s Construction Services, Inc. provides construction services for drainage works and related concrete structures and is experienced in all forms of drainage installation. From 10’ x 10’ boxed culverts, to concrete pipe, to massive concrete stilling basins, Kort’s values your business.

Field Engineering

Utilizing top of the line GPS technology for your project allows for Kort’s crews to layout a project from start to finish minimizing errors and down time.

Saw Cutting & Sealing

With our own in-house saws and sealing equipment – Kort’s can provide for all your saw cutting and sealing needs. Kort’s has the right equipment, experience, and personnel to tackle any project – large or small. In some cases, it is not always the saw cutting that is the challenge as much as the means, methods, and disposal. We can assist with planning and problem solving – from estimating the overall saw cutting scope to providing solutions including removal and disposal services. Kort’s will determine the most efficient and cost-effective methods to help make your project a success.

Customer Testimonials

“Kort’s Construction Services (formerly Kort’s Trucking) has recently completed a project in St. Tammany Parish for the LA DOTD. . . As the DOTD Acting Project Engineer for this project and a Professional Engineer for Louisiana, Kort’s demonstrated exceptional workmanship and an agreeable partnering relationship throughout the course and completion of this project. I would recommend Kort’s Construction Services as a legitimate and cooperative contractor for the State of Mississippi.”
Seth deArmas, P.E., Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
“Kort’s has demonstrated the ability to negotiate top-quality projects and manage those projects successfully.   In particular, Kort’s pays specific attention to cost controls and timelines built into each project.  Their management structure also provides excellent skill under pressure when dealing with project change orders and not disrupting timelines and cost controls.”
William H. Warshauer, WHW Consultants, LLC
“In our past experience with Kort’s Construction Services (formerly Kort’s Trucking), their personnel and project managers have been courteous and thorough, as well as responsive to any special project requirements encountered. The quality of work has also been satisfactory and  deficiencies encountered have been promptly remediated.”
Bianca Carambat, Professional Engineering Consultants Corporation